Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby T Shirts

Awwwww.  So tiny.  I can hardly beleive that a real person is going to wear these tiny T's.
I used iron-on transfers and the images are from The Graphics Fairy

Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Wrap Bracelets

I've tried some new things with this batch of wrap bracelets. One bracelet is two colors and others are three colors. Hopefully that gives the look of three bracelets together. I'm liking the bright springy colors here.  I will make more when the shipment of leather arrives.

The Taco Bell Bag

This bag has a bit of a story to it.  This lady's kids ate lots of Taco Bell and she wanted me to make her a bag from all the Taco Bell bags.  She sent over bunches and bunches of bags and each time I sent back the message : More bags, please. We even lost touch with her for several months. Here it is finally finished. I love the lavendar and white so I guess it was worth it.