Friday, February 14, 2014

Leather Bracelets

I've been wanting to get into leather crafting for a long time.  It involves learning some new skills and rather a lot of tools and materials. This is my first attempt. There remains lots of room for improvements.

First up a couple of bracelet blanks painted and blinged up with rhinestones.

Next a successful experiment. I have some scrap leather in brown. I found that my rotary cutter goes through it like butter.  Then I attached  these domed brass dots.  You need to poke a hole in the leather with a knife, then insert the little pointy legs and bend them over.  I used the side of the  head of my hammer to roll down the points.  Leather snaps go on just as easily as on fabric, but you use a hammer and setting tool instead of setting pliers. Piece of cake.  I liked this piece so well that I kept it for myself.

So, look for more and better leather stuff to come.  I'm thinking beaucoup bracelets, checkbook covers, small bags and eventually, purses.

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