Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Blankets and Sleepers

This is my first real venture into dyeing. It isn't at all hard to get something dyed. Getting the exact shade and even color is a little harder. So far, I haven't quite got the amount of stirring necessary nailed down. You may notice that the solids are rather blotchy. That isn't entirely on purpose.  Since they are all shades of blue I'm calling them sky scapes and letting it go.

                                                                        Sky Blue

                                                                  Lapis Blue

                                                                      Navy Blue

The navy blanket I used the low-water immersion method by Ann Johnson from her book 'Color by Accident'.  I'm thrilled by the way it came out.

This sleeper was dyed with the low-water immersion method with Lapis Blue dye.  The purple bits sprang up spontaneously.  Pretty much all dye colors are a made of a mix of different colors so you don't know what might be in there.  Cool, huh ? 

The mottling of the Sky blue makes it more like a sky.

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